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Pineapple Ham Flavor

Experience the savory delight of Bezerky Jerky's Pineapple Ham—a tantalizing blend of great ham flavor, smoked to perfection, with a subtle twinge of sweetness. Crafted from a cherished traditional family recipe, this brand-new flavor is all-natural, free from GMOs and gluten.

Packed with nutrition and protein, this 3.3 oz bag of Pineapple Ham Jerky is the ideal snack for those seeking a healthy and convenient option on the go. Embrace the unique taste that arises from the perfect harmony of smokiness, sweetness, and the quality ham flavor. Bezerky Jerky's Pineapple Ham is not just a snack; it's a flavorful journey crafted for those who value wholesome, delicious, and protein-rich snacking experiences. And it's 5-star rated.

Our flavorful ham jerky comes in individual packages of 3.3 ounces or 3- and 6-pack sets. 

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All Natural* Fresh Ham**, Organic Maple Syrup, No GMO Pineapple Juice, No GMO Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Cultured Celery Powder (celery powder, sea salt)

* no artificial ingredients, no hormones, and minimally processed

** uncured and uncooked

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